Photographs like the ones below some of which are iffy at best, are less for showing off a particular Radionic effect than for showing that Radionic effects are rift throughout the media once you get the idea of what to look for. Radionic radials can be spotted in the backgrounds of TV, motion pictures, and newspapers by camera staff not paying attention and/or who have no idea what they are looking at. There are no doubt that thousands of good Radionic clouds images sit within the collective world media archives. For example, a local Computer magazine in Ottawa, Ontario called 'The Monitor' had a perfect Radionic Cloud looking almost exactly like Figure 32 in Starrgram 3 behind its front page logo banner for years. Similarly, the local Weather Channel in Ottawa had a full blown Radionic Cloud morphing through its changes in real time throughout the nineties, even as the announcer was morphing through the day's current weather changes in drone time.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to muse through the collective body of Media in storage in one shot web site searches like the 'sky', 'cloud', and 'Chemtrail' reservoirs on the Internet Search Engines. Nonetheless, by luck and by golly, a few good examples have managed to pop up here and there along the way. For example, the following Negative pole image found on the Internet, was taken the morning after a block long wood frame condo under construction caught fire and burned to the ground near downtown Los Angeles on December 9, 2014. The image had appeared in an ABC news broadcast the following day.

Figure 1 - Oww, that really hurt.

The cloud formation below, like the open V Figures in Starrgram 3 is fairly typical for a Positive Pole Anchor Ship Field. The photo was taken in Seattle Washington on the weekend of April 24, 2017, and published in the Daily on May 5, 2017. The globes are interesting in their own right. The Internet Giant Amazon. com is attempting to create a novel new more conducive Biosphere working space for its employees. Who has put together a prototype beta test of three Globes in Downtown Seattle. Not shrimps, the largest is 535 feet high. Talk about your high rollers. Wonder if a roll of dice is how they'll choose who's going to work there.

Figure 2 - Gimmie a 7, I need a 7, baby needs new bling.

Likewise, the following newspaper photograph was found on the New York Times on April 1, 2017. The photograph was the lead-off to a lengthy article about the possibility of air-born taxis expected to start gracing the skies in the near future. What's to notice however, is the thread bear but unmistakable Radionic Mother Ship Field sitting across the center in the background.

Figure 3 - Listen up and fly right.

We live in exciting times. Exciting is hardly the word. In a remarkable concentric circle of circumstances, two completely different newspapers, in two completely different countries, published two completely different articles about two completely different types of air born vehicles on two completely different days. Yet somehow both managed to show the vehicles against a Radionic Cloud. A Mother Ship background Field is in the article above and a personal air car against a Father Ship background Field is shown below from a UK Sun newspaper on April 11, 2017. Despite the fact that both background fields tend to be lame, that's got to be a whole lot of happy co-incidentings going on. Like figure the odds. Or maybe these vehicles are running off the magnetics from the Ships and nobody is talking.

Figure 4 - Yellow Cab was my predecessor.

Similarly, the following image of a Negative pole Radionic Field was taken from Episode 5 of Season 4 of the TV series Warehouse 13, circa 2011. The field was in its start up phase like Figure 7 of Starrgram 2. The inserted text came from the show, which may or may not have been telegraphing where the field was from. not forgetting that the filming of these kind of shows is often nowhere anywhere near where the show says it is.

Figure 5 - If you hear anything coming in, let Seti know immediately.

Likewise, the following right half of a Negative pole image was taken from the movie 'Desperation', filmed in Nevada, USA circa 2006. Ordinary cloud cover is moving in from the left, and/or the ionnic stuff is moving in from the right. Quite possibly footage left on the editing room floor could contain the whole field. At any rate, no denying that it is what it is for all that it's worth. And that's about all that can be said about that given that.

Figure 6 - Jeez guys, you cut out my best lines.

On the other hand, the following unmistakable Radionic image of a Mother Ship Field looking similar to Figure 29 in Starrgram 5 was discovered in the opening few seconds of another movie. If you're really on the ball you might Grok the title. In case you don't know how to Grok, it was 'Ice Sharks' circa 2016. How can you tell.

The movie was filmed in Utah. If you don't know what 'Grok' is. it came from Robert A Heinlein's groundbreaking Sci Fi novel 'Stranger in a strange land' circa,1961. And means to intuitively understand something.

Figure 7 - Hard to say which is more interesting, the credits or the Radionics.

Similarly, the following remarkably good image of a Negative monopole Radionic Field was found in the opening credits of the movie 'Deja Vu', circa, November 2006. The scene was shot in New York at a Hudson River ferry terminal. Best guess the view was looking is to the North West. Also shown as Figure 19 in Starrgram 8.

Figure 8 - We're keeping an eye on these water walking things of yours.

Similarly, a Positive pole Radionic Field was used as the backdrop for a (CGI) Computer Generated Image of the Star Trek crew frantically escaping the bad guys on a Planet where the Enterprise had crashed landed in the movie 'Star Trek Beyond'. The first Star Trek movie was released in December 7, 1979, to great hype. This last movie was release on July 16, 2016, to even greater hype. Two things, first it looks s bit like Hal from Figure 35 in Starrgram 2 had a part in the movie. Second, wherever the backdrop was actually from, the arrow pointing in from the right seems to have been borrowed straight out of Figure 4 in Starrgram 8.

Figure 9 - I said 'Beam me up Scotty, not give 'er all you got'.

Another hot movie of old was recently noticed to have up a Radionic Cloud in the background, for all of four seconds in. the last twenty minute segment of the movie 'The Incredibles' premiered in October, 2004. The heroes were fighting the bad guy in the down town area of a big Metropolitan City. Stuff was constantly getting heaved up and/or blown up skyward. Every time the camera looked up, the sky was filled with Radionic radials. Suddenly, at the 1:40:48 mark, there it was for all of about four seconds, a fully fledged Radionic Mother Ship Field in all its glory. As shown below, notice the Radials wrapping all around a center area. Unlike Figure 2 in Starrgram 5, the center area is not empty.

The cluttered center area was through the influence of a second Radionic Field present in the area. Notice the straight lines of the second Field at the lower right, which never did get exposed. Best guess is that a twenty odd minute film clip of a Radionics filled sky had unsuspectingly been patched in as the sky backdrop, accounting for the assorted field's extended continuity. Also proving once and again that these things have been around for awhile.

Figure 10 - I thought I better come up and take a look.

The backdrop sky clip had evidently been run into the evening hours. In the last few minutes of the film a new foe had emerged in a new setting, gearing up as a promo for a sequel. The same Radionics background was in play but now as seen below was caught in a beautiful red highlight from the last moments of a setting Sun similar to Figure  17 in Starrgram 3.

Figure 11 - You've got to stop tossing me up like that.

The sequel to 'The Incredibles' finally came out as 'Incredibles 2' on June 5, 2018, fourteen years later. This time, instead of twenty odd minutes of a busy Radionic Sky, the very definite looking Negative Pole Radionnic Field shown below appeared for all of 3 seconds. The field was in a blip scene which had also been shown as an identical blip in the previous movie. The previous one though only had big fluffy cumulus clouds so it obviously wasn't simply the same clip re-used. But what is it with these guys anyway, every time they do an Inscredibles movie, Radionnics somehow show up in it. 

Figure 12 - Blink you miss it.

Similarly, the image of a Mother Ship Radionic Field looking a bit like Figure 12 of Starrgram 5, was taken from a CBS Sacramento news broadcast, circa, May 19, 2016.

Figure 13 - Hate to keep bugging you, but those bugs didn't come from us.

Likewise, the following Father Ship image shown as Figure 1 of Starrgram 11 is from an Australian ABC press release dated November 2, 2014, about a Fall Hole sighting in Victoria East, Australia. To remind you, Scientists call such formations Fall Streak Holes, or Hole Punch clouds on the theory that water particles have frozen and fallen through the cloud cover punching open the hole. The magnetic eyelash ionnizations all around the formation however, is the Father Ship giveaway. A quick but careful check shows that it is the same Fall Hole as in Figure 37 of Starrgram 12, just taken from the different location, obviously at a different time. Victoria East and Phillip Island aren't far apart.

Figure 14 - Good onya mate, now you know the rest of the story.

Turns out that the St Paul Alberta landing pad of Figure 11 in Starrgram 3 isn't the only action around for whimsy. Nothing pulls on the strings of whimsy as much as the following Figure from a story in the Australian Herald Sun dated March 12, 2017. The article was about the famous Melbourne Westall High School sighting in 1996, where 300 students and staff witnessed a whole fleet of UFOS fly by and landing in a fleld. The report was soundly pooh-pahed by the pundits for 50 years. In particular the articled featured the Clayton South UFO Park Memorial built in memory of the sighting. Where the whimsy comes in is that the photo of the Memorial shown below has a Saucer Shaped Mother Ship Radionic Field sitting right above it.

Figure 15 - Blimey, I hear you calling.

As said, if pone of a thing isd a thing, two of the thing is proof. Just to make sure the point wasn't missed, whimsy did it again. A second photo of the same memorial,. but taken from the opposite side features yet another Radionic Cloud effect again sitting in plain sight right overhead. To remind you, the main tell tale of a Radionic Cloud signature is that the Radial lines splay outward like the fingers of an open hand. The lines at the left go out to the left, the lines up the middle go up the middle, and the lines at the right go out to the right. See also the Figure above. They must have done something right down there, two for the price of one is a pretty good get no matter where it is.

Figure 16 - Blimey mate, onya for sure.

Like the movies above in Figures 6, 7, 8. and 9, the panoramic image of a beautiful Positive pole Anchor Ship Field below was screen captured from the Movie 'Fracture' from 2007. This movie was filmed at a small airport near Encino, Los Angeles. In the movie, the car had just left a hanger and was screaming hell bent for leather off hard to the left with the camera following right behind for dramatic effect. The Radionic Cloud flashed by in all of about 3 seconds. The private plane going by plus the stubble burn in the distance is a nice incidental touch for naturally caused realism.

Figure 17 - Did you see that. See what? The Sky. What about it?

The following pretty pink fingered sunset view of a Mother Ship taken in Nova Scotia Canada, was likewise found on YouTube. The date and exact locale are unknown, but the Global Canada TV logo and time stamp at the bottom right are a giveaway that this was from a Local Global Canada TV news broadcast.

Pretty pink sunsets occur from time to time when the rays of the setting sun pass through an opening in the clouds at just the right height to allow it to shine straight across a lower cloud cover lighting up the bumpy bottoms underneath. The same effect lit up some of the Mother Ship and Father Ship Radiations in Starrgrams 5 and 6. Talk about being in the pink.

Figure 18 - Come to the Maritimes today and see our beautiful Mother Ship sunset reflection. Bring the whole family, have some squid.

And of course, if you appear in movies at all the probability is high that you also live in Hollywood. Particularly true if you are a famous actress whose first name is Denise and your last name starts with R. Plus, you were married for a while to a very famous actor who was big in a popular TV sitcom about two and half men. Who succumbed to the constant psychic pressure of millions upon millions of people constantly seeing him as a letch and had a major melt down. And you just rented your fabulous LA mansion to an even more famous very jollie actress who had just left an even more famous actor who wasn't exactly the pitts.

Which brings things around to the following image below from the Internet which was part of a major press release on the 6th of October 2016, when the very jolly AJ rented the very happy DR's luxurious La La land place of leisure called 'Hidden Hills' for an exorbitant sum. Which pleased DR no end because now she was that much richard. And the whole world was watching because that's the kind of Angelinic stuff they spend all their time watching these days instead of important stuff like who won the lotto. If you didn't get any of that, Angelina Jolie leased Denise Richards fabulous LA estate 'Hidden Hills' just after leaving Brad Pitt for alleged extra marital peccadilloes. And you thought that kind of stuff was only in Soap Operas.

What nobody seemed to notice in all their bubbling enthusiasm over the titillating news report however, was the absolutely perfect Negative pole Radionic Field sitting almost right behind the house in the picture used in the press release announcing the whole entangled affair to the whole untangled public masses.

Figure 19 - Yep, La la land, gets em every time, Paparazzi that is.

Likewise, the following many miles long Mother Ship Ship sitting in all it's pristine beauty, also shown as Figure 22 in Starrgram 5 came off the Internet from a March 15th, 2017 news story about Lake Tahoe returning to full capacity as a result of extensive rains through January and February of 2017. Good news all around it would seem. Really goes to show that for some silver linings there is a Radionic Cloud. Look at the left end again compared to the left end in Figure 22 of Starrgram 5. Almost the same even if the rest isn't quite so on point.

Figure 20 - Whooah! That filled awfully fast, where'd all that come from.

On the other hand, the partial V Positive Pole Radionic Field below covered half the front page of the August 7, 2018, online edition of the Grimsby NewsNow, located just South of Hamilton, Ontario along the Western shore of Lake Ontario. This is about as 'Media' as it gets. The image is an artist's rendition of a proposed addition to the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. Like Figure 9 above, a computerized foreground was superimposed over a stock sky background photograph to look like real..

Figure 21 -

On July20,2018, the Winnipeg Free Press ran an article about a new Community Center project slated to go in near the Bridgewater Town Center in Winnipeg's South end. Hanging right over empty lot photo of the development lot, shown below, was an all but perfect Negative Pole Radionic Field. Given that this Revelationnum also has some photos from a Winnipeg Friend of the cause, seems like Winnipeg has more going for it than just super cold winters.

Figure 22 - We concur, good spot to build it.

And at last, from a magazine source and not the Internet for a change, the following image of a Negative Polarity Radionic Field was scanned in from an article in the February 13, 2017 copy of Time magazine. The article was about traditional Chinese dancers performing on the second day of the Lunar New Year, on January 29, 2017. Like said, these fields are all over the world, all of the heh heh time.

Figure 23 - Communist motto, 'We're not unhappy until you're unhappy'.

Where you would not expect to find a Negative Polarity Radionic Cloud is on the album cover of an LP record. But then why not, the Ships are everywhere. Even more fun in this case, the album is 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss. You may remember that the piece was used as the opening back drop to Stanly Kubrik's Space Odyssey '2001' released in 1968. It was about Aliens and other off World shenanigans. Kind of fitting. What goes around indeed comes around. Look at today, everybody is starting to talk about Aliens and other off World shenanigans.

Figure 24 - Ta Daaaa!...

Here is another case where a Radionic backdrop is used to help spiel a spiel. Some really creative Photo Shopping skills created the front part, the Negative Polarity Radionic Field in back was probably swapped in just as it originally was. Hard to tell whether that's a flock of birds, a fleet of little Mobile Ships, or a bug in the software at the center right and extreme lower left. At any rate, kudos to somebody for a slick looking production well done.

Figure 25 - Save big tomorrow, fly to Pluto today.

Then the Internet movie giant Netflix got into the act. Netflix sends out regular emails to all of its subscribers announcing the latest addition they might like. Sure enough, the August 2, 2018 blurb for the movie, 'Guernsey', featured the heroine standing by the sea shore as shown below. Also featured  was a Father Ship Field behind her head to the right and a mother Ship Field off her shoulder to the right.

Figure 26 -

By a supreme surprise for everyone from a news story about the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC as was found on the website on June 28, 2018, was the following Positive Pole Field sitting over the Court House like it was listening in. The case for it looking very similar to the Positive pole Field in Starrgram 28 of Starrgram 3 just couldn't be dismissed.

Figure 27 - We vote five to four that it's similar.

Every now and then a bit of Cosmic whimsy comes along. You might remember Figure 24 in Starrgram 2, where hundreds of people sat in a lecture hall listening to speculations about the tine pot UFOs. All the while a real McCoy was sitting up there out back. All they had to do was go out and look. The Figure below is from a news article in the 'The Guardian' UK newspaper website on May 18, 2018. The article was about the US Pentagon which had just admitted to having investigated UFO sightings for the past five years.

The interesting part is that the newspaper had front ended the article with a photograph of a hand painted parking sign from an outdoor UFO rally somewhere. The whimsy part is that as plain as day, the sky above the sign was filled with a Father Ship Radionic Cloud in all its glory. The real whimsy though, is that presumably thousands of people sat around at the rally all day hoping to see a tin pot or two zipping by. While everything they could possibly hope for was sitting right overhead as bold as brass. Talk about seeing but seeing not.

Figure 28 - Things are looking up.

It was said at the beginning of this Revelationnum that the Radionic fleet has been here for ages and in earnest since the fifties. It was also said that one of the first official observations by this wordsmither was in 1971. Here's proof it wasn't simply early conjecture. The following Figure is the Wonderful World of Disney logo. Disney has been using it for tears. As clearly shown, Disney had a captivating backdrop to the logo. They had incorporated a late evening photograph, unknowingly with a Radionic Mother Ship Field clearly visible in the pending night sky.

Hiding in plain sight, no kidding, how about also right up in the whole World's face. There is no doubt whatever about why they chose this particular photograph for their front piece. As in, 'When you wish upon a starr'....

Figure 29 - 
'Makes no difference who you are..'.

An earlier version from the movie 'Sleuth' in 1972 shows that Disney has actually been using the backdrop for a long time. Talk about never changing a winning lineup.

Figure 30 -
'And always let your logo be your guide'....

The year nineteen seventy two like in the Figure above might seem a long way back. But what about nineteen fifty seven. The following image was found in a UFO article on the website of The Telegraph UK Newspaper on July 20, 2018. The article was about the photo which had been taken on the Mescalero Indian Reservation near Three Rivers New Mexico, October 16, 1957. Notice the Mother Ship ionizations up the top left. And on close inspection, Mobile Scout Ships condensates can be seen along the top edge and right edge of the white cloud at the center. Also notice the large Father Ship condensate similar to Figure 47 of Starrgram 6 sitting open air in the lower left center.

Figure 31 - 'Something's happening here',,.

The Figure above may be the earliest Radionic photograph found by this word smither, but it is not the earliest discovered occurrence. The Figure below is a reprint of the World Famous painting 'Island Georgian Bay', by the World Famous artist, 'Franklin Carmichael'. who was a member of Canada's world famous Post Impressionist painters, called 'The Group of Seven'. The painting was done in 1917. Given that it was probably sketched first then painted in from memory, Mr. Carmichael nonetheless still managed to capture in the traces of a Father Ship Field at the upper right side, and a Mother Ship Field underneath it towards the center.

Figure 32 - Winner, longest way back by a mile..

There is no doubt that many such examples are waiting to be discovered going all the way back to the early part of the century now that you know what to look for. Should you spot something in anything, it would be greatly appreciated if you would send it with any info you can about it production to the email address below for inclusion in this Revelationnum.

This Starrgram above all this Revelationnum is most important for a reason none of the others can boast, because it sports the unvarnished truth about Radionic Ships. This is the Starrgram where the expression 'Hiding in plain site, bared faced in the noonday Sun' really gets to mean something. In all the other Starrgrams, the photographs were taken either by somebody in the know or by somebody who thought the sky looked unusual or even that the Radial Lines were Chemtrails. At least, always for a reason. The point is that the photos were not taken or posted on the Internet for purely arbitrary reasons. On the other hand, every Radionic occurrence in this Starrgram is strictly by an arbitrary reason. Somebody cranking on a movie camera, or photo-oping a publicity piece did so completely oblivious to what was going on behind the target. Which serves two goods. First, it proves that Radionic events are strictly 'there' there's, and are not choreographed, and second that they are in fact all over the World.  

Interestingly enough, nothing useable has turned up yet on Facebook which is very world wide. Not to say nothing's in there, just not yet come across. Most of you know about Facebook, their motto is world famous sic, 'We let you do anything you want so we can see everything you're doing'.

You are free to repost or use any part of this information, or all, anyway you like as long as you provide a link or reference to the website or book as source.


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