Starrgram 5: Re-Incarnation

Incarnating generally means to form a new outer projection in new environment. Re-incarnation generally means forming it after having discarded a previous outer projection in the same environment though both terms are used interchangeably. Re-incarnation relates mainly to the Outer Creation and mainly to the Ascendancy.

Inner Creation Beings do not ordinarily re-incarnate after their initial incarnation projection. Their Inner and outer matrixes remain aligned as an eternal set according to their frequency until their current seat of responsibility has ended.

In the Outer Creation, If you are a Descendant you do not usually re-incarnate after your initial incarnation in your dimension of responsibility, unless it is to enter a lower dimension to do service or you become transferred to a new responsibility. Otherwise, the inner and outer matrixes of any of your assorted Ovarian Atoms remain aligned as an eternal set according to their frequency.

Ascendant Beings on the other hand experience re-incarnation as an everyday aspect of their everyday existence. Through successive re-incarnations, Ascendants gradually learn about the Christ Reality of themselves on their ever upwards progress towards full Christ Trinitization at the feet of the Creators in Paradise. It is through their successive re-incarnations that their Christ Reality of themselves slowly accumulates in awareness and animus, re-incarnation after re-incarnation.

Ascendants learn about their eternal Christ heritage from the bottom up one step at a time through their successive re-incarnations. During each re-incarnation their outer consciousness learns a little bit more about the Reality of Christ in principle, and how to become it.

At the end of each current re-incarnation, their outer consciousness expression holding the new learning is absorbed up into their Soul Atom persona as an Adopted Fruit, bringing into it what they have learned about Christedness during the incarnation.

The accumulating experiences gained during each successive re-incarnation are adopted up into their inner matrix permanency every little step at a time, comprising their ever expanding Triune Christ expression. Every experience teaches them a little bit more about their true Christ Reality and how to undertake their growing Christ responsibly.

Eventually, after many many many such re-incarnational cycles in many many many different environment frequencies appropriate to their particular make up and the Christ action they are to eventually express, by the end of their fifth, then seventh, dimensional sojourns their Soul Atom will have adopted sufficient accumulated Christ awareness and expression to migrate back into the Inner Creation for eventual Trinitization at the feet of the Creators.

During the cycles, the Ascendancy learns to work within the twelve astrophysical frequencies for any specific environment they are in. In particular, it involves them learning to work successfully with the principles and tenants of the Solar Law and Galactic Law for that environment. Every given Ascendant Soul Atom, incarnates then re-incarnates through many such environments during their stages of learning.

Since you are currently re-incarnating on Earth under its root race program for the Adamics, the same applies to you today whether you are an Adamic, are of the voluntary, or of the abomination.

Universally, re-incarnations follow a specific rule. In the higher dimensions they are tied to the durations of your current responsibilities if a Descendant, and to the durations of your learning cycles if an Ascendant. On Earth, under normal circumstances, the re-incantation cycles follow a specific pattern tied to Earth's specific formulation of the Tree of Life astrophysical principles. In Earth's specific formulation, During every cycle of twenty-five thousand years the twelve astrophysical frequencies propagate through the count in twenty one hundred year periods called dispensations.

The periods are called dispensations because of the specific astrophysical frequencies which are dispensed into them for the purposes of evolution by the Cosmic Clock. At the beginning of each new dispensation, a new major astrophysical frequency is dispensed for the progressive evolution of all concerned. The astrophysical frequencies are those you call the signs of the Zodiak.

Although the frequencies are the same, the signs work backward through the dispensations rather than forward as do your Sun and Moon signs. Since two thousand and fourteen Pisces has ended and Aquarius is now underway. As is a new twenty-five thousand year Age cycle, a new two hundred and fifty thousand year cycle, a new seven hundred and fifty thousand year cycle, a new three and a half million year cycle, and a new two hundred and fifty million year cycle. The previous twenty five thousand year cycle concluded and the new one commenced on December twentieth, two thousand and twelve.

In every period of astrophysical frequency, regardless of how long the duration or short, the first half is a descending or inductive stage when the incoming energy is taken in or absorbed. The second half is an ascending or dischargeous stage where the inducted energy is discharged or re-expressed as Co-Creative works of love and service.

The same is true whether a two and a half day moon cycle, a month long Sun cycle, a twenty one hundred year long dispensation, a twenty-five thousand year Age cycle, a two hundred and fifty thousand age of Ages, or a two hundred and fifty million year Galactic age, and is also true irrespective of planet and where in Creation.

In the case of the last twenty-five thousand odd year cycle on Earth, the first six dispensations, first twelve thousand years, were the inductive phase of the cycle. The second six, last twelve thousand years were the dischargeous. Similarly, the first half of every dispensation, the first one thousand years, is an inductive half. During the last half, the second one thousand years it is dischargeous.

The inductive stage of any cycle where the Energies are taken in, is always more quiet in the outer aspect than the discharge stage where the effect is manifested. In the thousand year induction period between two thousand years ago and one thousand years ago, only shards of history exist. The loss of records through earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and the ravages of Mankind notwithstanding, life moved along at the pace of input not output. The last one thousand years of discharge has seen a very rapid increase in the outer activities as a discharge.

From twenty-four thousand years ago to fourteen thousand years ago virtually no Earth history exists. Beginning with the Virgo Dispensation fourteen thousand years ago, and the start up to Atlantis twelve thousand years ago, at least some history has accumulated.

Because of the transitional frequencies, society also takes a big spike at the transition point between the old and new cycles. Twenty-five thousand years ago the spike was the Garden of Eden. Today it is modern society. The same holds true for dispensations. The dispensary spike of two thousand years ago was the transition between Aries and Pisces at the advent of the Piscean Christ for the Piscean Age. Today it is from Pisces to Aquarius and Principles of Christ as the Aquarian Christ for the Aquarian Age. Also featuring the opening of the Great Book and full return to Galactic Law.

Society also takes a smaller spike in activity at the half-way transition points between the induction and discharge halves of the cycles and dispensations. The time of the Atlantians marked the transition point between the inducting half of this last twenty five thousand year cycle and the discharge period up to the present. The peak of the Byzantine Empire a thousand years ago marked the transition zone between the induction phase and discharge phase of this Piscean dispensation just finished.

Regardless of frequency, the actual discharge manifestations of a dispensation begin to show in the last half of the discharge stage. The Golden Age of Greece is a case in point. Also, see the escalation in the activities of the last five hundred years. Expect the same to occur fifteen hundred years from now. Also, observe the increase in frequency activity within yourself after the middle of every month for three or four days.

As previously mentioned, under the proper circumstances of Earth, i.e., an Edentic fifth dimensional status, during a twenty five thousand year period you would re-incarnate twice into each dispensation. You would incarnate once into the inductive stage for approximately a thousand years, then again into the dischargeous stage for roughly a thousand years. If you are not of the Ascendancy but have undertaken to incarnate temporarily into the Ascendancy mould as a volunteer or as a redeeming abomination, the same would apply. In the twenty-five thousand year cycle, you would therefore re-incarnate twenty-four times for nine hundred to a thousand years each. The original principle of Avatar. Methuselah lived nine hundred years. Methuselah was an Atlantian.

At the end of the twenty-five thousand year cycle you would have learned how to work harmoniously with all twelve of the dispensational frequencies in proper alignment of both induction and discharge mode. You would be ready to move on to your next evolutionary or expansionary experience. Under normal circumstances all this would take place in the fifth dimension. The same is true for all populated planets in all of Creation, albeit tailored to each's particular environment.

In accordance with the Intelligent design, Root Race evolutions move through a given planetary cycle in movements of twelve. A Planet which is undergoing evolutions will experience twelve different root races moving through its frequencies representing the twelve Ascending families of Creation.

The root races move through root race after root race. Each root race moves through in distinct groups of Ovarian Soul Atoms, group after group. While awaiting the opportunity to cycle, or having finished, all of the groups wait in the fifth dimensional frequencies of the Sun to which the particular planet is affiliated.

On Earth the groups have all been in contingents of ten billion Souls each. While waiting their turn they have all been located in the fifth dimension of the Sun. Earth has all but finished its total root race program of twelve root races. Each root race had many contingents. In all, nearly one hundred trillion Soul Atoms have passed through Earth during its root race program.

The root race populations for Earth commenced approximately two hundred and fifty million years ago. The evolutions were all in the fifth dimension. The first of the root races was Tchacotian, the twelfth and last of Earth's root races is the Adamics. The ten billion Adamics now bogged down in Earth's lower third dimensional time line are the last and final contingent of the Adamics to be moving through. Who were also being readied to handle Earth's transformation into a radiant Protostarr. Who were also the one hundred and ninety ninth Ovarian Atoms from their Whole Atom Group.

Whether you are an Adamic Root Race Soul Atom, of the voluntary, or of the abomination, because of the present Earth conditions the incarnating mould is currently broken and you are now re-incarnating  into the third dimension over and over again. You re-incarnate up to four hundred times per twenty-five thousand year cycle, and at the present time you are not moving on.

The rapid re-incarnation cycles are occurring because you have accepted the death lie of the Mentallized Illusion. Because you incarnated into the animal matrixes, short term death cycles became your reality instead of Avatar. Because you have not yet realigned properly with your higher Soul Atom self, you remain in the cycle and accept the death lie as fact.

Additionally, it is necessary for you to continually return to a circumstance or vibrational environment similar to your last incarnation because you did not undertake it properly or to the full extent of its purpose. Or you inadvertently took on static conditions which you now need to dissolve in order to progress or continue within your original properly mandated frequencies. The state of affairs in which most of you are found on Earth today.

When you do take on static or other lesser conditions in a re-incarnation, it is temporarily absorbed into your Akasic record for re-presentation in a later incarnation in order to clear it. The true basis of Karma. Your true permanent eternal Akasic record is free of lesser conditions.

Between your Earth plane materializations, you reside in one or another of the seven populated third levels of the astral planes. Those of you whose Soul Atoms carry responsibility for the greatest absorbed conditions reside in the lower astral levels. Those of you who are freer of conditions reside in the higher three. As you incarnate back and forth between an Earth plane existence and the levels, you reside temporarily in the levels according to how well or not you have progressed in clearing your conditions while in the Earth re-incarnated phases.

Soul Mate pairs which have returned to the fourth dimension to await their next opportunity for re-incarnation, are most often reunited as a couple, but remain separated as male and female entities. You are not reunited back into a single twin flame Androgen Being with your other Soul half until fully back in the fifth dimension free of conditions. Your Soul Atom cannot return properly to the fifth dimension until all vestiges of lesser conditions have been successfully removed from your expression through your successive responsible re-incarnations.

Regardless of original root race heritage, or whether you are of the problem or of the solution, all of you incarnated on Earth today are in a Human Adamic form, that being the current local environment for Earth. Glimpses of your original root race heritages and former expressions still come through.

The sudden baby boom emergence around the world of so called Skin heads are a case in point. You try and emulate your original heritage as hairless Draconian reptiles brought here as part of the Casted Dragon and the Gentiles of Atlantis before that.

Others of you have remembered some of your former environments in the form of punk rock music which is characteristically slithery sounding and hypnotically monotonic. Gothistic cultures likewise seep through your memories into the current Earth calliope. Which reflects denial of light and also some of your Reptilian environments of the past.

Those of you former Government leaders of Draconian styles have likewise tried to emulate your past in such regimes as the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Likewise, it is easy to see your brightly coloured greenish body tattooing, particularly when extensive as an attempt to emulate the mottled coloring of your former reptilian scales.

Most of you in today's incarnate who are considered mentally retarded or of diminished capacity are actually stalwart volunteers from the second, third, and fourth Super Universes where the attribute of Intelligence is diminished. Your inner light beams straight through, disproving incapacitation. It's all a matter of perspective.

Which reveals both the nature of, and the truth about, how incarnations work on a Cosmic level. Namely, regardless of your root race, heritage, dispensation, or where you are from, you incarnate into a current environment as per the current environment, even as some of your original characteristics and Soul Atom essences show through. Likewise, you will look very much somewhat like your original Soul Atom looks to others in the higher dimensions no matter where you are and how you incarnate. Likewise, your personae interface which you call personality will always be very similar.

Someone incarnated today, and for whom a previous incarnation is known and for whom it has been recent enough that a photographic record was taken, will look almost like a twin to the photograph. Even if they were originally a female and are now a male and visa versa.

Also, not to misunderstand, the negative Reptilian flavours of the Draconian root race are not abominable any more than your North American society is not abominable for having a small handful of troubled so called criminals in your midst. Also, not forgetting that criminal tendencies are nothing more than outer crystallized consciousness NPlus conditions, having nothing to do with their true inner Christ nature of Being.

Your federal prisons reflect the most severely compromised members of your population, not the average person. The Casted Dragon represents for example, the criminal equivalents within such as the Draconian Solar Sector populations and not the average Draconian.

Also not to misunderstand, your carbon based outer organic bodily materializations within Earth's incarnate structure are not a universal fact of Creation. Merely the particular outer bodily formulation designed to work within the particularities of Earth's inner and outer cubistic environments. On other of the time line afflicted planets, silicon and even gas based outer projections exist appropriately.

As sanctioned governed environments for your incarnation-al experiences, under proper circumstances the Law comes in through Leo and Aquarius, Solar Law comes in during Leo and Galactic Law during Aquarius. The cycle repeats approximately every twenty five thousand years. The evolution learns about both Solar Law and Galactic Laws during their twenty five thousand year incarnating cycle. The Solar Law learning cycle is pegged to the beginning of the Leo dispensation, such as the time of Atlantis on Earth. The Galactic Law learning cycle, also called the Great Book opening, is pegged to the beginning of the Aquarius dispensation, as is now underway on Earth.

The refreshing of root race groups within the twenty five thousand year cycle program is pegged to the beginning of Capricorn, such as will begin on Earth two thousand years from now. Remembering that the cycle progresses backward through the dispensations.

Every twenty five thousand years Earth's Solar System circles the great central Starr Alcione in the Pleiades system. A large high Energy photon disk like a thick washer shaped donut called the 'Photon Belt', surrounds the Starr at right angles to the orbit of Earth's Solar System. The Energy is mainly of higher astral vibrations, plus fifth and seventh dimensional frequencies.

As the Earth Solar System circles the Starr, it passes through the belt, first from the one direction and then again from the other side as it orbits around. The two frequencies of passage are completely different. The first passage enters the belt from the one side and takes two thousand years to pass through. The second enters the belt from the other direction on the opposite side of the orbit, and likewise takes two thousand years to pass through.

Because of their respective locations and opposite directions of passage, the two two thousand year passages effect completely different collective frequencies on Earth's Solar System. The first passage corresponds to Earth's Leo dispensation and learning of Solar Law, the second relates to the Aquarius dispensation and the learning of Galactic Law. As Earth has now entered the Age of Aquarius and is at the end of the twenty five thousand year cycle, it has also entered the Photon Belt from the direction related to the Galactic Law cycle. It officially entered the belt in November of two thousand and twelve. The very musical none stop ringing and whistling in the ears of some of you, is because your Neuron atoms are spinning faster from the added Energies.

Each twenty five thousand year period of root race learning begins with Capricorn. After passing backwards through the dispensations until Leo, you start learning about Solar Law in a hands on way for two thousand years during the passage though the first side of the Photon Belt. Where you become familiar with the tenants of Solar Law and how to work with them. After continuing to pass through the remaining dispensations until Aquarius, you begin to learn about the facts of Galactic Law and the importance of upholding a proper understanding about its nature in consciousness for the greater good of everyone during passage through the opposite side.

Capricorn is the gate of life and the gate of death. If you have learned the two Laws successfully, you will move on as a group to your next level of evolutional learning at the beginning of Capricorn, and a new group will begin in your old cycle place at the beginning of Capricorn. If not, your group as a whole will re-incarnate again for another complete twenty five thousand year cycle to try again. If the group has to re-incarnate, those of you who did learn a bit will help those that did not as wise men and women and spiritual leaders among you.

Every planet in a Galaxy which carries a root race population, passes through two similar such frequency fields which do for it what the two passages through the Photon Belt does for Earth. When facing their respective Aquarius and Leo dispensations, by design every evolutionary group in a galaxy receives a kick start from the galaxy itself at the beginning of either dispensation. Galaxies are pulsating breathing enterprises, rotating like a phonograph record as a single solitary disk.

Galaxies breathe in the form of regular frequency pulsations which emit uniformly from their resonating central core on a cyclical basis, the reason why galactic cores exist. In Earth's galaxy, at the beginning of every twenty five thousand years the central core flares up momentarily releasing a surging ring of higher frequency radiations which expands uniformly outward towards the edge of the galaxy like ripples in a pond. In between the main surges, a secondary surge occurs at the twelve thousand year mark. Not forgetting that evolutions are normally within the fifth dimension and so such harsh effects as may occur within the third and fourth dimensions from the flares are of no consequence.

The Starrs and Planets of a galaxy are not located within a galaxy in accordance with the arbitrary laws of your make shift physics. Because of the uniform solid plate-like rotation of a galaxy, as the main, then secondary pulses move out from the core to the rim, every planet carrying an evolution is positioned by design within the galaxy such that the primary pulse hits just at the beginning of its equivalent to Aquarius to help inaugurate the frequencies of its Galactic Law and preparation for Capricorn and twelve thousand years of induction in a new environment. The second pulse arrives at the beginning of its equivalent to the Leo dispensation to inaugurate the frequencies of its Solar Law for the evolution and twelve thousand years of discharge.

The primary surge this time passed through Earth on April thirteen of two thousand and thirteen. The passage produced little noticeable outer effect. Those who were sensitive enough saw the passage as an inner flash of searing blue-white light through their third eye, that waxed and then waned over a fifteen second time frame. The light quickly grew in such intensity that one party reported they literally saw a thumb cover over the light to protect their third eye from the fiercely growing brilliance.

The whole mass consciousness of the population received a substantial kick in frequency towards eventual transcendence, now being evidenced by the huge schism that has developed in society. Those who are negative have gone down in frequency and have started becoming much more openly violent. Those who are positive are responding by holding larger and larger open peaceful protests and rallies against the conditions which they now see for what they are.

By these processes, every evolution in the Outer Creation receives the same basic learning and expansion through the frequencies within the uniform Laws of Creation, albeit tailored to their specific needs and endowed purposes. As no two frequencies can ever be exactly the same anywhere within Creation because of their local within the cubistic matrixing involved, the pulses are influenced by each local it passes through, and no two evolutionary groups receive the exact same nurturing. Which remains unique for each Solar System within the Galaxy, even though the pulses start out as single uniform ripples.

The current and final group of Adamics on Earth have been re-incarnating and re-incarnating and re-incarnating for nearly three and a half million years by default of misadventure with efforts made in many such cycle to re-align them back into the fifth. It all comes to an end in this current passage of Aquarius facing Capricorn. This is the last such twenty five thousand year cycle for Earth of it's kind for this last two hundred and fifty thousand year cycle. All of the previous twenty five thousand years cycles for the past three and half million years have pandered to raising the Adamics back up into the fifth dimension.

From now on, all of the remaining twenty five thousand year cycles will be dedicated to Earth's migration unto a protostarr at the end of this upcoming two hundred and fifty year cycle. Which will also be the last of the two hundred and fifty thousand year cycles ever for Earth, as at the end of it Earth will no longer be a planet but a protostarr in the womb of Orion.

If you are not successful in returning to the fifth dimension this time two thousand years from now, you will be removed from the planet and passed along to continue your lower cycles of re-incarnations in one or another of the planets which were compromised by the Rebellion until you do. Also, causing somewhat of a departure from your original mandated blueprint as the frequencies of each new environment will of necessity be somewhat different.

The previous Aquarian dispensation was the period of the Garden of Eden. where an attempt was made to re-initiate a stable fifth dimensional population on Earth. The fifth dimensional population would have been completely compliant to the fact of Galactic law by the very fact of its fifth dimensional nature.

If the garden program had not been compromised, the compliance would have been gradually passed down into the stagnant third dimension Outer World population to ready them for full Solar Law during Atlantis and eventually full Galactic Law as is taking place now. Because the Garden was defaulted, the original Edentic fifth dimensional population was not re-instated. Now slated to occur at the end of this current two thousand year cycle.

Atlantis saw a similar limited period of enlightenment through the Leo dispensation and the attempted re-introduction of Solar Law into the Atlantian population between twelve thousand and ten thousand years ago. Atlantis fell into debasement and the installation of Solar Law was thwarted. Since the early sixties, a rudimentary re-awakened interest and understanding of Solar Law in the form of Astrology has finally taken root and has been rapid.

The next two thousand years will again see a period of great enlightenment, upgrading Astrology into 'Astrophysics' through the current return to the frequencies of Aquarius and its outpourings of the waters of truth comprising the Age of Enlightenment. Plus a full re-introduction of Galactic Law comprising a full Opened Book revelation of the higher secrets of Creation to which Mankind has been oblivious to for the last three and a half million years.

This time it will be directly into your third dimensional outer consciousness awareness as the outer world consciousness has expanded enough over the interim to start accepting the new frequencies handily. Since the end of the eighties, the new waters of Aquarius have started to pour forth, and you are already starting to experience them throughout your populations as a rapid global consciousness expansion into the full use of consciousness and understanding of the higher Galactic Laws governing Creation beyond your normal mundane existences. Some of you are already starting to tap into elements of the fifth dimension.

The original Christ teachings to a few of the Elect of Christ in the early seventies, and the follow up now as these Revelatorium Revelations, are all part and parcel of the great program towards your full eventual enlightenment, collectively called 'the Great Book being opened at last'.

The Gate Of Capricorn is coming up next two thousand years from now and you must be ready to stand at the gate. Those of you who have made the grade will pass though the Gate of Life up into the fifth dimension. Those of you who have not will pass through the Gate of Death back into the third dimension somewhere else. The 'Final Judgement' is nigh. How well you will all have collectively handled the increase in consciousness starting now to unfold will start to become evident in your collective out workings of the day starting fifteen hundred years from now.

The enlightenment through Aquarius this time will of necessity be to conclusion. The final twenty five thousand year incarnating cycle for Root Race evolutions on Earth has been completed, because as has been said, the next two hundred and fifty thousand years will no longer be of lower twenty five thousand year root race incarnations but of preparations for the teleportation of Earth to the womb of Orion. A new Solar Soul Atom for the proto Starr has already taken up residency within the population frequencies of Earth in order to mitigate the process.

Under normal circumstances, the regular evolutionary cycles would have ended long ago and the preparations to a Protostarr would be already well underway. That those of you of the stalled Adamics in the third dimension have been allowed to re-incarnate cyclically has been by grace. The period of grace has now ended and the preparations to Protostarr have been accelerated in earnest as the requisite incoming frequencies are now well along into their final phases of set up. You who are stalled have no more choice now but to start measuring up or be moved out.

Those of you in the conglomerate lesser condition within the Earth plane incarnate are likewise now undergoing purification by a process of accelerating consciousness cleanup that was started forty thousand years ago. Whose final cornerstone was set in place by Christ two thousand years ago.

It is revving up now into its concluding phases and is accelerating rapidly. Inter-dimensionally the whole cleanup is called Armageddon. Locally it is called the Apocalypse for enlightenment. 'Apocalypse' was the Greek word for Revelation. For those of you who are on the side of the negative or are of the stunted zealots for whom nothing is sacred but the past, the Apocalypse will indeed be a wake up call of rude report.

The principle of Capricorn is the gate of life and the gate of death. At the beginning of Capricorn two thousand years from now the final judgment will occur. If your conscious acceptance of the new frequencies in consciousness has not been handled well enough in mass for enough of you to continue in the fifth dimension as stewards of the escalation of Earth unto Protostarr, you will be transferred to another Planet and a proxy root race already waiting in the wings will be brought in to finish the job.